August 2015 Updates & News


It’s August already. As usual, the year is moving by at a fast clip. After the latest Greek financial crisis came to a conclusion, I took a break from blogging for the last half of July. Call it a summer vacation. Now here I am, fully refreshed and ready to resume the blog.

August will be a busy month. As usual, there will be updates published on relevant events and current situations across the world. Also, expect to see at least one detailed article per week throughout the month. I might take some time to tinker with the layout of the blog a bit too, but there will not be any permanent changes until September. This blog’s readership is increasing, much to my delight and surprise. As a result, I want to see if there are any ways to make Today’s DIRT more aesthetically pleasing and easier to access for readers, old and new.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful first weekend of August!

Upcoming Articles For August

The Brewing Arms Race In The Persian Gulf– The terms of the Iranian nuclear agreement have not been embraced by most of the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia. With sanctions being removed, Iran will be free to purchase advanced conventional arms and bolster its military power. The Gulf states are wary of this and are already beginning to take steps towards strengthening their own militaries. Especially in light of what has been happening in Yemen. On the flip side of the coin, the nuclear agreement has many holes in it. It is still quite possible for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. Even the chance of an Iranian bomb might be enough to begin a nuclear arms race in the Persian Gulf. We will examine that as well.

The South China Sea Runaround- China continues to build artificial islands and outfit them with military equipment. The response from the US and her regional allies have been low key and not very effective in deterring the People’s Republic from slowing down construction. What are the Chinese intentions? How will the US eventually respond to this?

Operation Desert Shield 1990 – Operation Desert Shield began twenty five years ago this month. The military buildup that eventually led to Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait was a herculean logistical effort. It also marked the beginning of a permanent US military presence in the Persian Gulf. In this article we’ll examine the lessons of Desert Shield and also see how the US efforts to defend Saudi Arabia in 1990 helped lead to the rise of Osama Bin Laden, the fall of Saddam Hussein and the Global War on Terror.

Unknown Subject/Guest Author– The final in-depth piece of August will be an article written by Lee Kluck. There will be more information on the topic later in the month.

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