Friday 11 March, 2016 Update: North Korean Sub Lost



Rumors that North Korea may have lost a submarine have been gaining strength in naval circles for the past two days or so. This afternoon, the incident has been confirmed by US officials. North Korea did lose a submarine last week while operating in the Sea of Japan, or as Koreans refer to it, the East Sea. There has been no official word on the type of submarine that was lost, however, officials I spoke with off the record at the US Naval War College in Newport RI passed along the information that  a Romeo class diesel submarine has been lost. *This information has proved to be wrong.* 

**The Yugo is a North Korean designed and built class of midget submarines.  It is the platform of choice for North Korean special operation missions and have been used heavily in operations against South Korea. **


I will post more on this later this evening and over the weekend, as more details become available.


**Update 13 March- The missing submarine was not of the Romeo class. Information above has been revised. **

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