Friday 22 July, 2016: Some Changes Ahead For DIRT’s Itinerary


Much has happened in Europe over the last three weeks or so. The attack in Nice, the failed coup in Turkey, a leadership change in the United Kingdom and today, another terror attack against civilians in Munich. When I began outlining topics for the Embattled Europe series late last month I didn’t foresee the overall situation in Europe continuing to deteriorate at the rate it has. To be frank, I expected there to be a brief period of adjustment. A proverbial calm before the storm, so to speak.

Unfortunately, my forecast was off—way off.

As a result, I’m in the process of making adjustments to the schedule of blog posts for the next three weeks. Europe is not the only area where things are happening right now. In fact, with the exception of Antarctica, there are hotspots, crises, and instability running rampant on every continent. Even North America and Australia have felt the sting in recent weeks.

In order to focus attention on what is happening in other areas around the world, I’m shelving the remaining Embattled Europe articles until mid-August. Between now and then, I intend to take a fresh look at North Korea, the South China Sea and other flashpoints across the globe. Turkey will receive a respectable amount of attention considering what is taking place there right now in the wake of last week’s coup attempt.

I hope everyone enjoys the coming weekend and come Monday we’ll start fresh.


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